The Ultimate Guide To Asheville and the Western North Carolina Mountains
The Ultimate Guide to Asheville & the Western North Carolina Mountains

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Rock Collecting and DIY Home Resources

The beauty of Earth is unmistakable, yet it is often overlooked as people go about their day-to-day lives. Some people, however, do actively observe and appreciate the world around them. In some cases, their appreciation may lead to hobbies or activities that are directly related to the planet itself. Rock collecting is one of those hobbies. Handy individuals may even find a way to incorporate their love of rocks into do-it-yourself projects around the home.

Rock Collecting

While an interest in science and the earth may play a role for many who collect rocks, it is only one of the reasons why people begin this particular hobby. For some, rock collecting is simply an appreciation of the beauty that certain rocks represent. For others, collecting rocks serves another purpose, such as being the first step in jewelry-making. The fact that it is a relatively inexpensive hobby that involves the outdoors may also play a part in one's decision to start collecting. Regardless of why people collect rocks, it's important that they familiarize themselves with the different types of rocks and their characteristics.

Rocks can be collected in locations that can be as close as one's front yard; however, many people who participate in this hobby enjoy exploring nature or traveling in their search for the right rocks. The collection method is also something that one should consider in addition to location. Traditionally, people collect actual rocks; however, there may be restrictions that prohibit their removal, which can be problematic. Some collectors instead simply photograph the rocks that they find. With photographs serving as their collection, they are able to leave the rocks where they are and can easily share their collection with the world by posting the images online. Regardless of how one does the collecting, the specimens should be properly labeled with the location where they were found and the type.

Rocks and DIY Projects

People with a more casual appreciation for rocks may choose to collect certain types to use in DIY projects around the home. These projects can be indoor or outdoor and make a stunning addition to one's home. Outdoors, for example, one can create a rock garden or carefully selected rocks can be added to existing features, such as a pond or bordering walkways. Indoors, use them to create an attractive DIY rock or stone backsplash in the kitchen. One's collected rocks may also be used to create an interesting piece of artwork to be displayed proudly in the home.




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